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HIGHEST Level of Evidence supporting Spinal Manipulation for Migraines

Researchers affiliated with the prestigious Harvard School of Medicine recently
published a paper in the medical journal Headache (2019).

Migraine headaches are relatively common and often associated with high amounts of
disability. Pharmacological treatments represent the first-line treatment for many
migraine sufferers; however, approximately 40% of patients with episodic migraine
symptoms have unmet treatment needs. One-third of this group report dissatisfaction
with current treatment and half report headache-associated disability! As such,
alternative treatments to the traditional pharmacological approach are warranted.
Spinal manipulation therapy (SMT), a treatment often associated with Doctors of
Chiropractic represents a potential non-pharmaceutical treatment option for migraine

THE STUDY: A total of 677 patients were involved in the studies, with an average age
of 39.3 years. 75% of participants were female.
RESULTS: SMT had a significant positive impact on the NUMBER of migraine days
vs. controls, as well as REDUCING migraine pain intensity!!!
CONCLUSION: SMT represents a viable, safe, potentially beneficial intervention that
patients may prefer to the potential side-effects (or lack of efficacy) of pharmaceutical

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