Exercise Ball versus Traditional Office Chair on Lower Back Pain

It is commonly thought that lower back pain (LBP) is more prevalent in people who sit
for prolong periods of time. This is significant, as approximately 75% of workers in
industrialized nations are required to sit for prolong periods at work. It has been long
suggested that sitting on an exercise ball can help mitigate this problem, as well as
increase core strength and improve posture.

A recent study published in the prestigious medical journal, SPINE, puts this theory to
the test by investigating whether sitting on an exercise ball instead of a traditional
office chair has an positive effect or not.

RESULTS: 90 subjects were included in this study. No statistically significant changes
in LBP were found between the control or intervention groups. The ball-sitting group
did show statistically significant increases in core strength and endurance.

CONCLUSION: Sitting on a stability ball seems to improve core endurance but did not
appear to prevent, increase or decrease lower back pain. Further research should
incorporate a larger study group to further understand the significance of this study.

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