Maintenance vs. Band Aid Care

How important is maintenance care? You may be going through a bout of back pain or neck pain right now. Perhaps it seems to surface every year about this time of year when you are back in the garden or playing a sport using muscles that haven’t been well used for months. You are seeing your local chiropractor and no doubt things will be feeling great again after a few chiropractic treatments. Then, you may go on your way until next year when the old back decides to let you know it’s not happy again. This is often called “band aid” or “crisis care” because what the chiropractor is doing in essence is help provide you with a temporary solution to your back pain. This may really be no different than taking a couple of Advil from a bottle that states, “for temporary relief of pain”.

Chiropractors don’t mind, of course, if you choose this type of care. They know that you will be back again when you feel the familiar pain. But how much better would it be for you in the long run if you committed yourself to having the problem “fixed” or managed properly by routine maintenance care visits.


In fact, recent studies have supported chiropractic maintenance care for the proper management of recurrent back pain. These respected medical journals found that patients who had a history of back pain had fewer relapses if they maintained their treatments once per month after their initial pain had subsided.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to get back to the seasonal┬áchores without having to go through the annual agony of an aching back? How much of a difference would this be for you and your back knowing that we are all getting older and older with each passing year.

The interesting thing is that we often treat our cars better than our bodies. Nobody would think of just continuously patching up a tire as opposed to replacing it with a new tire at some point. And yet it seems good enough just to patch up our bodies and carry on.

maintenance-like-a-carHealth is wealth. It is worth investing into.

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