Month: April 2019

Sleep Away Insomnia

We’ve all had that feeling of lying in bed, thoughts racing through our heads, calculating how much sleep we will get as the minutes go by. Many people have difficulties initiating/maintaining sleep or getting a restless sleep. Insomnia has been associated with adverse health outcomes, including reduced quality of life and mental capacity. There ...

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FAKTR – Functional and Kinetic Treatment using Rehabilitation

Chiropractors and manipulation go hand-in-hand (see what I did there). Along with manipulation, we provide a plethora of soft tissue techniques.  One of the techniques that is new to our Office is called FAKTR (Functional and Kinetic Treatment using Rehabilitation).  FAKTR combines instrument-assisted soft tissue techniques (e.g. Graston techn...

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BEST Treatment for Soft Tissue Injuries following a Motor Vehicle Accident?

Most people injured in a motor vehicle accident sustain injuries to the muscles, ligaments and tendons of the neck and back, otherwise known as soft tissue injuries. Many patients also exhibit accompanying symptoms ranging from headaches to concussion-like symptoms. The job of the treating doctor managing the case is to connect the patient...

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